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About Clean Slate Farm

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   Clean Slate Farm began in 2009 when we moved to the beautiful southern hills of central New York.

   Dave trained at The Culinary Institute of America and graduated in 2004. He worked in fine dining either in the kitchen or managing restaurants and retired in 2019.

   Joanne was the Director of the WISE Women’s Business Center in Syracuse for ten years helping women start and grow their businesses. Joanne retired in 2018.

   Prior to that, both owned and operated an international Marketing and Design firm. We always gravitated to food with clients like The Stilton Cheesemakers Association, Parmigiano Reggiano, Vermont Cheese Council, and The Culinary Institute of America.

   Now we make and offer a line of premium flavored balsamic vinegar, olive oils, spices, and skin care products. Our products use only real ingredients and our skin care products use beeswax from our small apiary.

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