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Clean Slate Farm uses real ingredients, not artificial extracts or flavorings.

Garlic Olive Oil

  • We've had this thing for garlic now for.....oh, 25 years or so. Our first tiny house had a tiny yard with an even tinier garden holding a dozen or so bulbs. There woud have been more but we needed the space for basil and tomatoes.


    While our garlic balsamic is full of brash garlic flavor the garlic oil, well it's a bit more sophisticated. Like Miles Davis is to the Rolling Stones. Smooth and subtle, it kind of slides up and introduces itself. And like our garlic balsamic it is made with real garlic, crushed along with the olives. That's the way to get real garlic flavor. No extracts cn match the flavor of real garlic.


    It took over a year of searching to find a mill that met our standards of taste and sustainability. Why? We're in for the long haul and if we won't use one of our products you won't see it here. 


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